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My approach to health and healing offers possibilities to do more than solely quelling symptoms. It is based on the premise that there is an interconnectedness and interdependence between the physical reality of our body and the underling more subtle reality. My main objective is to help you release energies of stress from your mind and emotions as well as physical tensions and toxins from your body and create a flow of energy that will restore a state of equilibrium in your being.  It is this state of a harmonious energy flow between all aspects of our being, that naturally heals, relieves our pain as well as inspires, empowers and enables us to enjoy life. 


I specialize in Transformational Breathwork ô integrated with body work and various energetic/vibrational therapies. By adapting these techniques to your personal requirements, I can help you free yourself of physical and psycho-emotional pain in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment.


Studying holistic healing arts has been an ongoing process for me over many years.

I have studied healing arts such as Pranic Healing, Transformational Breathwork,  Flower Essence Therapy and Holographic Release. I am a Certified Aromatherapy Health Therapist, a Certified Reflexology Practitioner and Hatha Yoga Instructor (Shivananda Yoga training). I have been in practice since 1996.


My life and work have been very strongly influenced and inspired by various spiritual teachings and esoteric  schools of the East and West (mainly Ascended Masters Teachings, Sanaya Roman-Orinís programs, Unity, Hawaiian Huna and native Indian teachings).


My work embraces a whole personís being.  The healing methods mentioned above I utilize as an extension-alignment with the Inner Self.  I believe that true healing and well-being is the effect of that fundamental balance and harmony between the personality, soul and Who we really Are on a deepest level. 



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